Types of Caravan Awnings

Life can be a little more fun on the road with caravan awnings. Choosing the right caravan for yourself can add you more comfort and convenience while on the go. There are a couple of caravan varieties available for sale that can help you and your family enjoy the vacation without limits. Summer days on the road can be brutal and unforgiving without a roof overhead. Caravan awnings can be a lifesaver when mother nature shows its true colours. Awnings provide instant extra storage space and shelter to your caravan for extra living space.

It is not easy when shopping for the right caravan awning. Caravan awnings differ in price, quality, size, accessories, styles, colours, and shapes. However, it can be easy when you know the type of caravan that can meet your needs and you understand their differences.

Space and the price is the most significant determinant when making choices for caravan awnings. There are three distinct types of caravan awnings available in the market.

Inflatable awnings & annexes

It is the type of caravan awning that can be easily assembled by one person. It only requires one to fill the awning with air. The metal poles that feature in the other two types of caravan awnings do not feature in this type but instead replaced by columns. This feature makes inflatable awnings lighter and less susceptible to damage from harsh weather elements. However, they are still expensive and require pegging, just like the other two types. Generally, they are a better option for lightweight and no so hoarded individuals who want the adventure in the wild without limits.

Rollout awnings

Poles are included in the rollout awning kit. In case you are using rollout awnings in lower caravans, you can easily pull out the awning using your hands. The travel locks and ratchets hold the awnings when they are not in use. It means the first thing to do is to remove them when you want to unroll the awning. Install the support poles afterwards, which supports the awning from the sides. The waterproof walls can be installed once the awning has been pegged and roped. While a single person can handle this exercise, it can be more convenient when you install the rollout awning with another person to help perform the exercise faster.

Wind out awnings

Wind out awnings are the most convenient option when travelling alone. It is quite simple to wind and unwind the awnings. You only turn the winch handle to wind the awning in and out. Its legs fold or slide to find their place on the ground without your effort. Pegging and roping the legs is only done to make them sturdy and robust. Some wind out models come with motorized kits to make awning and annexing easier. Even without the 12-volt motorized kit, wind out awning is still the most comfortable option to set up extra space beside your caravan for one or two members.

You can browse the website of Kakadu Annexes for different types of caravan awning options for a chance to find the best awning option that meets your caravanning needs. Searching for these products online enables you to make price comparisons and use other metrics and criteria to select what fits into your budget and satisfies your needs.