Ultimate Guide to Finding Quality Removal Company

Have you ever used the services of a removal company before? Or it’s just a while since you did use it, it is mind-boggling trying to figure out the whole process. Deciding who to entrust to relocate your thousand worth possessions is not easy. By the time it reaches the D-day, chances are, you have had more than enough stress dealing with the landlord, estate agents, solicitors, utility companies, merchants and the list goes on. But anyway, there is no shortcut, when it’s time to move, you should find a removalist even if it is the last thing you want to do.

Here is a guide to get you started finding the right removal company to move your treasured possessions to your new home or office.

Before the move day

Carry out a pre-move survey before the move day to make sure you get the right resources and understand in depth what is involved in the whole process of moving. Better if you do the pre-move survey with the agents of the company you are entrusting to drive you to your new destination. Having a pre-move study will help you understand the size of the truck required and the number of agents you should be assigned. The removal company should help you plan and coordinate the dates and make sure everything is as per the schedule.

On the move day

A team of professionals will arrive at your house as early as possible in uniform and with a truck. You will need to walk them around your home, letting them understand what is important to you. Lay down protection like marts to any parts of the house that might need it due to the movement of objects and high traffic. Ask them if they will provide packaging to your valuable and fragile items. And let them load everything onto the truck ready to move. Depending on what you subscribed for, they might offer unpacking services and take with them unwanted packing materials, so you don’t have to yourself. In case of damages, do not admit the liability if the company is insured.

Typical services a removal company should offer:

  • Provide packing materials
  • Packing and unpacking items, fragile and non-fragile
  • Loading and transportation
  • Unloading
  • Storage (short and long term)
  • Moving trucks and vehicles
  • Handyman services like dismantling and reassembling of complex items
  • Washing machine disconnection
  • Book a parking area if you are under a permit area
  • Arranging for third-party services you may require.

How do removal companies charge for their services?

Cost of removals is individually based. It depends on personal requirements. They charge clients based on subjects like; the amount of furniture and personal effects to be moved, access to an old and new property – either externally or internally. The distance between the features, the services offered like packaging and dismantling, specialised care for fragile items that might need special attention and unique objects that might require new machines or processes to remove. The cost will vary from company to company and sometimes the time of the year you are moving. The only sure bet to gauge the price of a company is to ask for quotes from different companies and compare. Knowing who is out could help you whittle down to reputable companies you might be interested in dealing.