Top reasons for taking a BSB30120 Business Course

BSB30120 is an entry-level nationally-recognised course that helps individuals develop skills to get ahead in a business career. Carrying out a range of clerical and administrative tasks are the essential knowledge and skills acquired from a BSB30120 Business Course.

Course Summary

Units: 13 competency units

Duration: Between 12-18 months

The BSB30120 Business Course provides an entry-level qualification for people needing the latest business knowledge and skills to secure a job in business administration. Jumpstarting a business career by taking the course helps in building your confidence in performing business operational and routine tasks.

The business administration core focus of the course provides a great stepping-stone for people wanting to pursue a business career. BSB30120 is a nationally-recognised course teaching people effective communication and organisation methods needed to meet competencies in administrative and clerical work.

What the course teaches

The units comprising the course teach knowledge and skills to enable people to carry out a variety of clerical and administrative work. The opportunity to get trained in a wide range of business areas such as sustainable work participation and workplace safety is also gained from the course.

The different areas people get to learn from the course include:

  • Using inclusive work practices
  • Articulate in putting across ideas
  • Skills and knowledge for effective workplace communication

Additionally, some personal skills acquired from the course include:

  • Good collaboration skills with other people
  • Acquire complex problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills

Benefits of taking a BSB30120 Business Course

A variety of versatile skills are required by business administration. It is why people showing expertise across a broad of administrative work in all types of industries are in high demand. A lot of opportunities at all levels from local, national, and multinational companies are in store for individuals bent on pursuing a business administration career.

The personal and career lives of people are impacted when they take time, effort, and money to advance their business skills and knowledge. BSB30120 Business Course offers people plenty of opportunities to carry out a variety of clerical, operational, procedural, and administrative business skills.

The multiple benefits provided when opting to take the course include:

Skill versatility development

A wide range of skills in business administration is gained when opting to take the course. Business knowledge and skills from preparing business documents to customer monitoring and delivery of services are versatile skills acquired from the course.

Completing the course enables people to do a variety of administrative tasks easily and seamlessly. A person being able to effectively accomplish a wide range of administrative tasks is a valuable skill any business would likely want.

Potential for getting ahead

Job promotion is the best step for anyone to get ahead in work. And the best preparation for work advancement in the workplace is to develop skills and knowledge. The practical skills and knowledge provided by the BSB30120 Business Course ensure the potential to get promoted on the job.

Financial skill development

Financial skills need to be developed for you to become an effective member of any type of industry. The good news is the inclusion of financial skill units in the BSB30120 Business Course. Some of the invaluable financial skills acquired from the course include business record maintenance and the collection and recording of data.

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